Modern acting training started with Stanislavsky. He along with Dantchenko formed 'Moscow Art Theatre' in 1897. Working with the actors of Moscow Art Theatre, he devised some techniques to make them better actors. Later on these techniques were known  as "THE SYSTEM".
Stanislavsky's assistant Leopold started teaching these acting techniques known as Stanislavsky system in one of the private dramatic schools in Moscow. Michael Chekhov and Eugene Vakhtangov were trained as per
"THE SYSTEM" and started their journey in theatre, and later on they become acting trainers.
When Stanislavsky came to U.S.A. in 1923-24 along with his group, two of his students Richard Boleslavsky and Maria Ouspenskayas decided to stay in America and opened "American Laboratory Theatre".
Lee strasberg joined  "American Laboratory Theatre" and went through "THE SYSTEM". He was instrumental in combining both, "Moscow Art Theatre" and "American Laboratory Thertre" and devised his own unique system called "THE METHOD". He opend his own institute
'Actors studio' and started training actors. His method was based not only on Stanislavsky's work but also on the  further clarification and improvement provided by Vakhtangov. He added his own interpretation and procedures and devised a method for American actors. He trained most of the legends of today's Hollywood.

Stella Adler and Uta Hagen in America and Jerzy Grotowsky in
Poland added new dimensions to "THE METHOD". Influenced by his Polish Catholic background, Grotowsky visualizes actor's process in
'Sacred' terms, and vastly influenced actors of post Strasberg era.

Going through the life and teachings of these illustrious trainers and learning "THE SYSTEM" (Pranali) and "THE METHOD" (Paddhati) through their books Vidur realized that still something was missing for Indian actors, "THE METHOD" has to be Indianized as Lee strasberg himself Americanized "THE SYSTEM".
Vidur rummaged through the pages of Bharat Muni's 'Natya Shastra ' and incorporated his theories in "THE METHOD" and thus created "THE PROCESS" (Prakriya). According to Vidur "THE SYSTEM" (Pranali) and "THE METHOD" (Paddhati) are only components. He considers that his "Process" (Prakriya) is a vehicle. Kriya means action and action means movement. "THE PROCESS" is an ultimate vehicle for the journey called acting. With the
help of "THE PROCESS", Indian actors can accomplish their goals and complete their voyage.